Heated body warmer

Are you looking for warm clothing because you are cold or have to work in a cold environment? There are several solutions to consider. You can wear extra layers of clothing, put on a thick coat or a warm scarf. Often, wearing layers is the best way to stay warm. For extra warmth, you can choose to wear a heated body warmer. You can wear this versatile garment as both an outer layer and an intermediate layer, allowing you to always choose the ideal temperature.

Versatility and comfort

The heated body warmer is thin and flexible, making it easy to wear under a jumper or jacket. If you wear the body warmer as a mid-layer, the advantage is that the layer you wear above it acts as an ideal insulation layer. The heat generated by the heated body warmer remains under the outer layer, resulting in extra warmth for your body.

Ideal for work

The heated body warmer is ideal to use when you are at work. It can easily be worn under (mandatory) work clothes. The body warmer is adjustable both at the sides and in length at the shoulders, allowing you to make it fit your body perfectly. There are two different sizes that allow everyone from size XXS to size XXXL to fit into the heated body warmer.

Perfect for various activities

If you prefer not to wear the body warmer during work, but during another outdoor activity, this is obviously also an option. Even under a thick winter coat, you won’t feel anything but the heat from the body warmer because it is so thin. Even for the cold-hearted person sitting inside on the couch, this is suitable. Forget your blanket and hot cup of tea, with the heated body warmer you will no longer be cold.

Dual Heating Options

The heated body warmer comes in two different versions, the single heating, and the dual heating. The single heating version has 5 powerful heating elements, and the dual heating has 10 heating elements. The dual heating has two buttons that can be used to control 5 heating elements each. Each body warmer has 3 different heat settings. So with the dual heating version, you can choose two times three modes to heat. This gives you many different options.

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Powerful and portable

A powerful power bank powers the heated body warmer. The single heating comes with 1 power bank and the dual heating body warmer comes with 2 power banks. Depending on the ambient temperature and the mode you use, you can heat for hours. As the powerbanks are connected via USB, they are universally usable. Besides being able to use any other powerbank to power the body warmer, you can use the powerbank itself to charge your phone, for example.

Expert guidance

If you want advice on size or which heated body warmer and which power pack is best for you, you can contact BERTSCHAT’s experts. They can tell you all about these body warmers and other heated products in the range.

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